Style Off: Louis Vuitton Spring’10 Show


The Louis Vuitton Spring ’10 show was yesterday in Paris, France dahliinnggg.  As to be expected, some of our fav oh-so-chic fashionistas attended in all their LV glory.

Out of the celebs that were at the event, my picks for best dressed are above: Leighton, Camilla, and Freida.

I’m torn between the three, as I love each for a different reason.

  • Leighton for her fun, casual look – the pieces look like they would clash together, but she makes it work, and this is why I adore her. I’m also digging the socks with skyscraper, vintage-inspired heels look.
  • Camilla for her  simple, effortless chic-ness. She always looks so perfectly put together without trying hard.
  • And Freida, oh Freida and her electric blue ruffles, tassles, and bucket-bag *swoon*….gahhhh I can’t pick!

So who’s your choice? Comments & critiques are highly welcomed.



P.S. Yes I realize this is my second mention of Leighton in just a few blogs’ span. Can you tell I have a girl-crush?

Photos: JustJared

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