Self-Promotion, VB Style


Victoria Beckham walks straight off the runway and into London’s streets, rocking various dresses from her Spring 2010 line over a span of a few days. This takes self-promotion to a whole new level. Not surprisingly she pulls off the looks quite easily. This wouldn’t be a problem in the first place as the line tends to look like it’s straight out of her closet.


Which of the looks do you like the best?  The gray and black dresses are fab, but that colorful scarf looking thing….no, just no, well at least not on her….or maybe I need to get used to her wearing a non-stiff looking dress…hmmm.


My fav look is the gray dress, matching pumps, gorgeous shades and very Blair-esque headband. Oh & btw, Queen V has mentioned lately that she’s  “beyond obsessed” with Gossip Girl in a recent Elle article. Not to mention she’s the October cover girl for the mag.



P.S. Random thought but, did she teach the models how to pose/walk? They look creepily similar.



2 thoughts on “Self-Promotion, VB Style

  1. i’m wasn’t a big fan of victoria but wow, i do have to admit that the dresses look better on her than on the models 😉

  2. I love the first two looks most. If I had the right look and money, I’d totally buy them. haha And I definitely agree about the poses and walks being very similar.

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