Style off: The Emmys

Didn’t watch much of the Emmys the other night, but after checking out the red carpet photos I could easily pick out the top fashion contenders. Don’t lie, I know most of you just watch for the pre-show fashion parade, specifically to  comment on their hair, makeup, and dresses. Caught you didn’t I?

For me, it was a showdown between two insanely gorgeous girls, Leighton Meester and Mila Kunis.


Leighton wore a Grecian inspired, Bottega Veneta (loves!) dress. Mila wore a ballet inspired (?) Monique Lhullier dress with Salvatore Ferragamo pumps.


They both looked absolutely stunning, but one simply outdid the other…

and the winner is……….



Now let me explain why. And Leighton baby, it’s not entirely your fault. Major points were taken off due to the far-too-intense makeup Leighton had on. I love the bold red lips on her, it takes a certain face to pull that off and Leighton’s got that look. But the red lips, paired with the attempt-at-a-dramtic eye ended up looking slightly clownish, slightly little girl pretending to be all grown up. Not to mention her face looked a little oily and cakey, with the insane amount of makeup piled on her.

Less is more. Mila managed to do that perfectly with a plum, sparkly eye and a nude glossy lip. The overall look is exotic, and simply breathtaking. (Btw, major points given to Mila for her recent revampment in the fashion department! She never seems to get it wrong lately…bravo!)

See more closely for yourself and compare.


Leighton’s makeup artist should be killed. It’s a crime to makeup someone that’s naturally gorgeous look this…well…you get the point.

Do you agree? Did Mila steal the show? Or am I just favoring the makeup based on my personal tastes? (I always tend to favor a smoky eye/nude lip combo, rather than vice versa). Thoughts?





2 thoughts on “Style off: The Emmys

  1. Mila is absolutely gorgeous but so is Leighton. The makeup was too much although, in her defense, I think it could have looked better in the winter. The heat was making everyone sweat so she wasn’t the only one looking cakey. Love Mila’s badass ballerina thing but my favorite was Olivia Wilde in Marchesa right off the Spring ’10 runway!!! Between the above though, i give it to Mila for the same reasons u picked.

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