Those boots…are NOT made for walking.


I love Alex Gerrard. Don’t get me wrong. She’s got the life: the hot footballer hubbie, the adorable children, the to-die-for wardrobe….well, most of the time that is.  Alex has made her fashion mishaps in the past, and I’ve always sticked by her. Hey, everyone has their right to fashion, no?  We’re all free to interpret trends how we want…but Alex, honey, lose the horrid fringe…er, moccasin(?)- inspired booties. Oh and while you’re at it throw out that furry-animal of a bag please. Lesson learned of how one detail can ruin an otherwise utterly amazing outfit.  She still manages to look freakin’ adorable though, even gorgeous in that sequined mini-dress…and oh, banging bod btw, I have to give her that.

More pix after the jump. Check out the side view, if you’re not yet convinced that she should burn those shoes.



Alex Curran


4 thoughts on “Those boots…are NOT made for walking.

  1. haha I wasn’t convinced about the horridness of the shoes until after the jump. Now I’m convinced. Do you know where to find those ripped skinnies though? Nelly Furtado was wearing them on Chelsea Lately yesterday and I would die for them right now!!!!

  2. Thankx guys! =]

    Nat, I know I love them too! I’ll try to look up the pair. I found a few similar ones, but I’ll keep looking and keep you posted ;]

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