Making the world a more beautiful place, one baby at a time.


Preggers alert!!  Looks like Raul Gonzalez and his oh-so-beautiful wife Mamen Sanz are ready to add another bebe to their numerous family. The dashingly gorgeous couple will be welcoming their fifth baby (they have four boys) sometime in November (wouu!! my birthday month!). Mamen has said publically that she wants a little girl. No duh, being the only woman in the house must drive her crazy…I mean it’s ok to have a healthy dose of futbol and such but a girl’s got to have a mini-me to doll up and go shopping with/for.

Raul and Mamen have been married for quite some time now (tying the knot in 1999) and are known to be all over each other in public. No wonder they’re having another bebe on the way…bom chicka wah wah!!

The looks, the money, the lifestyle, the family, AND still in love and affectionate after all this time….makes us envy them a tad more, no?

More pix of the love birds after the jump. Oh the insanely gorgeous offspring they produce! Making the world more beautiful, one baby at a time…

P.S. Just a thought but what’s with hot couples and their massive loads of kids? (Example: The Beckhams). Is the sexiness too much to handle? Can they not keep their hands off of each other? Is it Mother Nature’s way of balancing out the uglies? Charles Darwin’s survival of the hottest? Or is it simply because they have the money to have as many damn kids as they want?…Hmmmm…. 


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