A moment of contemplation

Ahhhh, home sweet home. La Coruna, Spain. Photo by me!

Ahhhh, home sweet home. La Coruna, Spain. Photo by me!

So, you may be thinking, “Where in the world have u been Lorena?? Where are my juicy updates?! How am I to survive?!”…ok… maybe all that minus the last part, I tend to exaggerate, forgive me.

But in all honesty, I too have been in a contemplative mood as of late, asking myself what exactly I have accomplished over the last, what?, two months? (Oh damn, it has been a while!) But anyways, back to the point of this post…I’ve been racking my brain, and have decided to make a list of my accomplishments, just to be productive, prove that I have not ignored my beloved blog willingly (but I may have had a tinge of laziness creep up on me, or maybe it was the sheer lack of sleep in my life….hmm…), and finally to show myself that I have done something in my life, ha. So here goes.

  1. Graduated from college. Hawt damn, my years of schooling as I know it are over!! Now what?! o_o
  2. Graduated from college with honors! *Dances* Don’t mean to brag, but hey! My hard work and being my utterly perfectionist self paid off!
  3. Completed my Senior Honors Thesis (on women’s magazines and the construction of female identity) & presented it in front of the school. I am a beast. I am a beast.
  4. Finished my internship at ELLE Magazine. *tear!!* I LOVED it there & I’ve confirmed to myself that I truly want to be a journalist and devote myself to my passion, writing =]
  5. Finished my last issue with the school newspaper. I’ve always been involved with school newspapers, ever since high school. Became Ed-in-Chief during high school. Worked my way up in college, becoming Copy Editor and then Executive Editor my senior year. The last ever issue that I worked on was truly a sad moment! Sending in the issue to print, shutting down the computers, and closing the door to the office that was practically my dorm room was….ahhh.
  6. Made my very own Web site. Lorenachouza.com bitches! Check it! More construction and updation needed, obvi, but I set up the platform that will hopefully expand and be interlinked with my blog! I made it for class, uploaded my video, audio and photo projects, as well as linked my blog for class and clips of articles I wrote that were published. phew!
  7. Oh there’s more…trust me…but let me stop here before I start to sound full of myself.

Sooo…see! I have been quite the busy bee!

Now what’s up for summer? Hmmm…I see tons of blog posts on the horizon, a bit of shopping, a trip to Spain and loads of relaxation. Hey, got to enjoy the time I have off before the real world hits me…aka job status.

La Coruna, Espana. Photo by me!

La Coruna, Espana. Photo by me!

Hope you’re enjoying the rainy weather! Mother Nature must be pmsing big time.




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