You know you got to work…

So I was browsing through youtube out of sheer boredom and frankly cause there’s some crazy-funny videos out there anddddd lookie lookie what I found!

The level of fierceness is INSANE. Naomi Campbell what?! 

This girl has got it made. Damn. She owns that runway. Frankly, I think she can teach a lot of “models” out there a little something something. I love the confidence, the “get out the way bitch,” “I’m all that,” “I shit glitter and diamonds” attitude.

Her name is Diva Davanna (fitting name, no?). She’s 8 years old and has been modeling since she was 4.  Career highlights? She’s been on Tyra and on America’s Next Top Model. Quite the resume.

Here’s some more vids, just because I find them fascinating and make me feel divalicious.

Work it girl! FEROSH!  Get ’em!!



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