Video Vault: “Mas cositas!”

Sorry for my absence loves. Midterm week is a killer. Here’s a quick update between classes to lift spirits. It’s of my fave goalie Iker Casillas and hilarriooouusss Pepe Reina. Both players won the Eurocup together playing for Spain this past summer and faced each other in a Champions League knock-out game on Tuesday where Real Madrid went one-on-one with Liverpool…..I will not discuss this game further as I am utterly dissapointed with the results and….bleh.

Anywho, onwards to the video. Reina is teaching Ik some English.

WARNING: Overload of Spanish-accento cuteness in Ik’s pronunciation of certain words. Gahhhhh.

Even if you don’t understand Spanish, watch for hotness factor and cuteness factor at Spanish men trying to pronounce English. To die for.

Giggle factor/cute moments:

  • When Ik blurts out “mas cositas!” (“more little things!”) , telling Reina to teach him more. Oh Ik, such a good student. Good boy! I bet you can teach us a few things as well….must.control.myself…!
  • Ik: “Pepe Reina is de wurst keeper in de wurld.” *sigh adorable accent and trying to be smart-ass with his Ingles.
  • Ik saying “Jewel” for “July” & champingnone? for champion.

Ironic moments:

  • Reina asks Ik, how do you say “We will win,” Ik responds “We won’t win”….-_-…..yeah. No explanation needed.

Told you it was worth the watch.

Off to do “mas cositas.” More posts will be up pronto. I promise ;].




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