Mmmmm cafe

Taking a hint from the modern girl-on-the-go, models at the DSquared2 show were seen trotting Starbucks, newspapers and blackberries as accessories down the runway.  The look was very layered, disheveled and paparazzi, celebish: a la bug-eyed shades, slouchy beret and leggings to top it all off.

You know the look, the “I just threw this on but I still look fab bitches,” one.


Honestly, I kinda like it.  Hey, at least I could picture a normal girl wearing it, unlike some crazy-ass Couture we’ve seen parading down the runway. Ok, ok, at least a NYC street-chic fashionista would rock the look.

What do you think? More pix after the jump…




4 thoughts on “Cafe-chic

  1. that’s hilarious that they’re actually holding starbucks drinks down the runway…i actually like the look too…gotta love the nyc girl style 🙂

  2. “I just threw this on but I still look fab bitches”–that’s like the story of our lives haha. this is really great Lorena. so proud, chonga.

  3. I LOVED this show, even though the first look totally screamed “OLSEN!!!” Probably my fave show this season so far.

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