When bags and balls collide…

They have a baby that looks like this:

LV Soccer Monogram Ball

Along with Kanye’s LV sneakers, this soccer monogram ball debuted in the Fall ’09 fashion show in Paris. Oh Marc Jacobs, I love how you push the fashion boundaries. ❤


Lovers of the game will either be delighted or disgusted.  Although it was shown at the men’s show….I honestly can’t see a guy with this…..maybe that’s a tad bit too metrosexual for me.  Murse is already pushing it….but this bag?  Leave it to the ladies please.

Honestly, I must admit, I can actually see this being shown off at many a futbol game. It’s been called the “perfect bag for sports journalists”….hmmm, does that throw me into the mix?

This isn’t the only soccer monogramed bag that was shown off at the show.  If you’re not into the bulkier smaller version, maybe this shopping-tote style is more to your liking:


I kinda like it.  Yet what would you expect, fashion & futbol, two of my great loves in one…mmmm orgasmic.

So what do you think?  Perfect WAG bag?  Delish? Barf-tastic? Nauseatingly cheesy?  Sound off!



P.S. The title of this post was purely in reference to soccer balls and bags/purses….but as the LV bag was shown & made for men…well….you see where I’m getting with this….. I never realized I could be so witty…HA!

Photos: Embelezzia.com & WWD.


2 thoughts on “When bags and balls collide…

  1. lorena i love this blog.

    ok i think a man could rock the bag if it were larger… more suitcase/briefcase ish.

  2. I could definitely see a woman using a bag like that, not so much a man. I do agree with the person that commented with that style being more briefcase like. That might look a little better for a guy.

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