Video Vault: When sports collide

So I was browsing through blogs, Web sites, getting my daily dose of gossip, when I happened to stumble across this video.  I’ve actually never seen it before but found it quite interesting….hopefully you do too.

It’s basically of Becks and KG (Kevin Garnett, of the Boston  Celtics…who is a beast in his own right…yes I actually do know some things about other sports besides futbol, thank you little bro!).  At first it looks like they’re just playing a regular game of backyard bball, but you didn’t expect an Adidas video of these two mega-stars to be so dry cut as that did you?  Here comes the interesting bit: sports collide baby, a basketball is used for juggling (on the head), a soccer ball is used to…how do I put this?….dunk….make a free kick?… make a three-pointer?…ehhh I’m not that in the know with bball after all.  You’re just going to have to watch it for yourself.

My fave part….KG’s stubburnness at trying to kick it in, and Becks just comes in and makes it first shot. Oh male athletes and their boyish spirit.  Gotta love it.

Ta ta for now loves.




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