Tuesday Tease



Maybe I should have called this post, Tuesday Thighs?… Tasty Tuesday?… Oh well. Either way, I’m providing the goods.

Enjoy lovelies!!  One more pic after the jump….



P.S. More substantial posts coming up pronto!! Even though I consider Cristiano’s legs by all means pretty damn substantial in their own right ;]…Get it?! Get it?!….ok I’ll control myself…

More goodies —->


Photos: http://community.livejournal.com/c_ronaldo_fans/

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tease

  1. Again ronaldo! you really like that guy.
    Lorena the other day i found a coffe called “lorena”. i’ll take a photo for u to post here. lol

    Check my blog, it looks better now that i’ve changed the template. hate working with html, what a fuck!

    See ya later


  2. Eliano,

    YES! I love him =] I mean, who wouldn’t like Ronaldo??

    Omg you MUST send me a pic of this coffee!!
    Me + Coffee = My obsession haha

    I’ll check your blog out =]

    Obrigada!! *Besos

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