Stylish Mama


Alex Gerrard had a night out on the town with her baby last Friday night. And by baby, no I don’t mean Steven, but her daughter Lily. Alex hit up the Pussycat Dolls concert, where Lady Gaga also performed. Fellow WAG Sheree Murphy (Harry Kewell’s wife) was also in attendance with her bubba.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always a fan of Alex’s wardrobe choices. I do admit they may be on the outrageous end at times, but hey if you got the long stems and cojones to pull it off, you work it girl. It takes killer attitude to pull off the leather leggings, sky-scraper heels combo, and I think Mrs. Gerrard did it pretty well, no? Extra style points for the matching eyeliner & nail polish, all in a metalic violet.

Btw, how cute is Lily? Future fashionista in the making, all complemented by her pout in the face of paparazzi. Oh the offspring of gorgeous ballers and their equally as gorgeous wives.



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