Ballin’: It’s all about the dolla dolla bills…or erm…Euros.

Ever wonder who reins in the big cash when it comes to footy?

The list of top ballin’ teams (aka the filthy rich super powers in the soccer world) for 2008 came out in Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport. Real Madrid reigns at the top for the 4th consecutive year. Muahaha take that Manchester. Now if only we could get to the top of the table in La Liga =[ *sigh

Here’s a pic of my boys looking all spiffy:

My babies

Mmmmm good footballers, packing deadly looks and dressed in Hugo Boss suits. Scrumptious.

The complete list below…& no, I do not understand why the teams at the end of the list are there either. Maybe they can use this supposed money to buy better players. Ouch, yes I said it.



List in millions of Euros:

1. Real Madrid 365,8
2. Manchester United 324,8
3. Barcelona 308,8
4. Bayern Munich 295,3
5. Chelsea 268,9
6. Arsenal 264,4
7. Liverpool 210,9
8. Milan 209,5
9. Roma 175,4
10. Inter 172,9
11. Juventus 167,5
12. Olympique Lyonnais 155,7
13. Schalke 04 148,4
14. Tottenham 145
15. Hamburg 127,9
16. Olympique Marseille 126,8
17. Newcastle 125,6
18. Stuttgart 11,5
19. Fenerbahce 111,3
20. Manchester City 104

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