Video Vault: Futbolistas & Ads

Sorry for my absence dahlings.  It’s been quite the interesting past few days with the start of my internship, school….and a little thing called life.

Anyway, here’s a few Ads featuring some of our fave Spanish footballers. The cheesiness will have you smiling, trust me.

Let’s start it off with a little bit of Fernando Torres and his cheese-tastic shoulder roll.  The Ad is for a beauty parlor in Galicia, Spain, where he is from. Helping the little people Torres? How angelic of you.

Torres didn’t stop there. He just came out with another promotional vid for another of his friends.  Now if only he could make an Ad/Vid for us. Hmmmmm.  Picture it. Torres, sitting down, sipping a capuccino, checking up on his daily gossip on my bloggie. Of course minimal clothing is necessary. That is just genius TV in the making……

…Anyyywhooo. Back to the Ad. Here it is, for a puppy/dog training school. My fave part? His “sit, sit” in full blown Spanish accento followed up by his pimp smile. Oh, and who can leave out the part were he warms his hands on the ring of fire, or gets whipped by a futbol playing dog.

Now let’s bring in my fave goalie, Iker Casillas.  The Ad is for an insurance company.  He sings out, “Me siento seguro,” comically.  Translation: “I feel safe/insured.”  Oh Iker, I’d love to be in the place of those girls. I’d treat you kindly though, I promise ;]

Hope I cracked a smile and brought some laughter into your day. If not, well at least I provided a daily dose of drool-worthy footballers.




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