Midday Munchies

I’m on a quick lunch-break now in between classes and I thought I’d whip together a quick post. This is really getting addictive 0_0!

If you don’t know already, Alexander McQueen has designed a line for Target. Yes, you heard right. McQueen, at a reasonably, quite affordable price, yay! It’s set to hit your local Target in March and will also be available online.

Here are some of my fave looks:

I want the dress, the jacket, the vest and possibly the leggings? Yes please!

Photos: Nylonmag.com and Nitrolicious.com

Speaking of Nylon Magazine, it has a brand new Mexico addition and guess who’s the cover girl: Leighton Meester. Here’s a video from her cover shoot. She’s a d o r a b l e to the max. Her mom makes a guest appearance (look where she got her looks from, figures, good genes). Or just take a peak for the awesome clothes. I’d love to raid the clothes rack from this shoot.

And the cover:

Photo: Teamsugar.com

Loves! It’s so natural and very NYC street-style if you ask me.

Well got to run to class. More posts possibly later. Until then…



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