Are you as LOST as I am?


Guess they are too.


Season 5,  f i n a l l y  started last week, and so far let’s recap what we’ve seen:

  • flashbacks (or is it flash forwards now?) galore
  • time travel?!
  • Desmond has a baby, named Charlie (cute, very cute)
  • and Ana Lucia, oh my.

 Is it just me, or are you completely…well….lost?

As Sawyer just said in tonight’s episode: “Enlighten my ass.” please

I mean I have to admit, sometimes I’m just like “what in the worrlddddd is going on?!” But here and there I do have those random moments were the light bulb goes off. Things do piece together, but oh-so-slowly. Hmmm, maybe that’s part of what keeps us watching. I guess that makes us detectives, trying to solve the mystery that is LOST. Or maybe we’re puzzle makers/decoders, piecing together each and every clue to see the big picture….a picture that seems quite incomplete and blurry as of now.

Or maybbbeeeee this is what keeps us watching:


I mean, who can complain about Sawyer being shirtless 90% of the episode last week. When viewers get frustrated, provide them with man meat. Smart move producers, smart move.





3 thoughts on “Are you as LOST as I am?

  1. this show is so retarded, i bet even the producers dont even kno how its gona end, i stopped watchin this garbage a long time ago becaus it just doesnt make sense anymor, sometimes ur watchin an episode, and an entire hour passes by, and u didnt even kno wat just happened, no wonder the show keeps losing thousands of viewers per week…

  2. Hi Lorena,
    Nice piece on LOST….I still believe it’s a great show and never miss it! Although my only minor complaint is that there’s not enough eye-candy for the guys anymore…but still, the mythology is incredible and reason enough to watch it! ; D

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