Video Vault: “All I want is my own TV show”

Oh Cescy, your Spanish accento is killing me slowly.

Golden Moment: “Porque siempre me haces lo mismo, y no quiero esto *slaps table*” (Translation: “You always do the same to me, and I don’t want this.”)  Priceless TV right there.

Cesc, stick to soccer, acting isn’t your thing sweetie. But we do appreciate the comedic effect, and this is why we adore you. (Besides your dashing good looks and incredible soccer skills, of course).

We bow to you, Mr. Arsenal Capitan.



4 thoughts on “Video Vault: “All I want is my own TV show”

  1. hey girl! loving the blog. how’s life going? any plans for after graduation?
    oh, and i didn’t see these on ur what ur readin section and thought i might tell u to check them out:
    Style Rookie

    and mine, of course 😀

  2. Hey girly! I’m loving the blog. It keeps getting better and better with every entry! It’s becoming one of those blogs that I check 24/7 😉

    Keep up the good work!!

  3. Lori ur blog looks so sex n professional… it puts a smile on my face wen im havin a crappy day… : D

    p.s. i luv the way u talk in these blogs… classic, haha

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