Can he get any better?

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Cristiano Ronaldo has done it again….well, award-wise I mean.

Beating Fernando Torres, Xavi Hernandez, Leonel Messi and Kaka, Ronnie has added the Fifa World Player of the Year 2008 award to his extensive collection of shiny trophies.  

An award collection for the 2008 season which includes, drum roll please!:

  • PFA’s Fans’ Player of the Month Award (in March)
  • Barclay’s Player of the Month (in April)
  • PFA’s Players’ Player of the Year (in April)
  • Sir Matt Busby Fans’ Player of the Year (in May)
  • Goal of the Year award (also in May)
  • Manchester United’s Players’ Player of the Year (also in May)
  • Barclay’s Player of the Year (in May)
  • Barclay’s Golden Boot (in May)
  • Barclay’s Trophy for more than 30 league goals (in May)
  • Champion’s League Win with Manchester United (in May)
  • UEFA Club forward of the year (in August)
  • UEFA Club player of the year (in August)
  • FifPro World Player of the year (in October)
  • Named one of the World XI (in October)
  • Golden Boot, Europe’s Top Scorer (in October)
  • Ballon d’Or, Europe’s Best Player, beating Fernando Torres and Messi (in December)
  • Player of the Tournament, awarded in Japan (in December)
  • With Manchester, won the Fifa World Club Cup (in December)
  • And NOW, Fifa World Player 2008

0_0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phew!

Oh and he made 42 goals last season….and he plays midfield (I don’t know why they consider him a forward sometimes, as he plays right-wing, maybe because he scores more than most forwards, ha!).  Not to mention he’s my FAVE player of all time. (And no, it’s not just because he’s gorgeous, that’s just an added bonus).

 I’ll let you have a moment to soak that all in.

OK now for some pix.

Here’s a pic of the top players at the Fifa World Player Gala, before the award show yesterday. (Oh and yes, I must admit, I’m oh-so-proud that 2 out of 5 of the players nominated is Spaniard.  SI!!…possibly having to do with our winning the Euro this summer…hmmm).

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One more picture. Just cause, um, he’s with Pele in it. Two legends in one pic, how sexier can this get?
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 I have to admit I got teary eyed when Pele presented the award to Ronnie. It’s like the passing on of a torch, from past to present. Keeping futbol beautiful throughout the centuries. SIGUE ASI CRISTIANO!! EN HORA BUENA!




Oh & props to Cristiano for wearing a normal tie, and not his usual bow-tie! Good boy! 


 Now all that’s left to accomplish for 2009….

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Sexy. Very Sexy.

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