Another reason to be jealous of Victoria

She’s got one of the sexiest footballers on earth, David Beckham.  She’s got three adorable kids. She’s utterly fabulous. And she’s a Spice Girl for goodness sake.

And now she’s got a £80, 000 limited edition Hermes Birkin Himalayan bag.  Here’s a pic of her showing it off at Becks’ debut game with AC Milan in Dubai.

Courtesy of:

Courtesy of:

Now let’s take a minute to digest this. Yes, her bag is worth roughly, what?, $120,000. That’s what more than what some people pay for an apartment or for a car. Imagine having so much money to splurge  £80, 000 on a single Christmas gift, well that’s what our lovely Becks did. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Oh and a few other details about the bag:

  1. It’s one of only 3 in the entire world.
  2. It has hundreds of diamonds, with a 3-carat dazzler on the lock.
  3. There’s a waiting list for the bag that’s around 4 years long…which has now closed.
  4. It cost Becks a weeks worth of salary at AC Milan….yes, a WEEK’S worth.


As Victoria once said in her “Coming to America” TV show (why wasn’t it a season-long instead of an episode-long!?),

 “It’s exhausting being this fabulous.”

God, I love her.



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