A little bit, little bit…

…obsessed with this song.

I was just on the Web site for Bimba & Lola,  a Spanish store that I am in L O V E with, (http://www.bimbaylola.es/).  Poking around at the different sections I went to check out the Autumn/Winter ’09 collection and was completely caught of guard when this song blasted through my laptop – OK my volume was all the way up, woopsies.  I looked up the lyrics right away and found that the song that hypnotized me was “Little Bit,” by Lykke Li.  I have never ever heard of her before, but from what I heard until now (which is like, what, a few minutes?), I’m liking her.

I don’t know why, but she reminds me a bit of Stella McCartney, which is a good thing. She’s got an interesting style about her, musically and fashion-wise. Very retro & eclectic.

Photo from her official myspace.

Photo from her official myspace.


Check out a remix of “Little Bit” with Drake, maybe you’ll get just as entranced as I was:

2 thoughts on “A little bit, little bit…

  1. The song is the cutest thing. It reminds me of spring time. I have no idea what that means. Let’s talk about the shoes that are on the Bimba and Lola site!

  2. No remix is as good as the original. But yea, I love her, too. She’s been getting a lot of attention lately.

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