Nails, nails, nails.

Nails. Oh my utter beauty obsession.

I adore makeup. Well let me specify, before you picture me as an over-done drag queen. I have never been that cakey faced girl, that just screams for attention. My daily makeup routine is simply a clean, washed face, some eyeliner and lipgloss and I’m set.  Parties and going out calls for mascara and I love love playing around with eye shadow. Darker palettes that shimmer always grab my attention. Yet there is something about nail polish that always gets me.  Yes, I’m that girl out of my group of friends that’s always found hovering around the nail section at Sephora. It’s just that I feel, well, naked, when my nails are not done.

I’ve been painting my nails since before I could remember….literally. PROOF:

Me, at the age of 4. The start of an addiction.

Me, at the age of 4. The start of an addiction.

 Ever since my mom got me my first makeup kit (since I was always stealing hers…HA!) I’ve been hooked.   Hey it was Barbie (or was it Hello Kitty?),  nobody can say I wasn’t classy for my age.  Yet I never really go to get my nails done.  I’m the stubborn type, the do-it-yourself girl. Hence me always being in search for that perfect nail polish, you know what I’m talking about ladies: the nail polish that won’t smudge or chip the second after you apply it. Yet I don’t want to spend my entire savings on a bottle of lacquer.

I’ve always heard marvels about O.P.I (Allure, Elle and the world’s top it magazines always rave about this brand). Yet up until yesterday I have been an O.P.I. virgin.  And let me tell you, my first time was good.

Yesterday, when coming home from Jury Duty (let’s not speak about this -_-), I couldn’t help but let out a little scream of excitement when I found the latest addition to my nail polish collection in the mail. (Oh, that’s another thing about me, I tend to be a savvy shopper, and look up items before I actually purchase online, to compare prices, reviews, etc.)  I researched O.P.I. online and fell in love with the Russian Collection. (Which you can view here: ) The dark tones seem to catch the light, and look like the perfect pick me up for those…yawn…winter days.

As my usual colors are bright red and black, a nude pinkish color in the summer as I find it looks good with a tan, I wanted to try my hand at navy blue, dark violet (my fav color!) and a brown or grey color.  I remember one of my old coworkers having these stunning manicured nails in what seemed like a rich chocolate color. When I asked her what brand and color they were she told me it was O.P.I.’s “Siberian Nights,” which was in fact a shade of dark purple. So of course I had to try it out myself. I purchased “Siberian Nights,” “Russian Navy,” and after much deliberation (I’m still a bit tentative on grey, as I’m not sure if it will make my nails look dull or, washed out), “You Don’t Know Jacques!”  on amazon…they were on sale, cha-ching!

As soon as I opened up the package I got to work and did my nails in “Russian Navy” and toes in “Siberian Nights.”  So far I am satisfied with the results. Day two and no chippage has occurred.

My review:

My new babies.

My new babies.

  • Russian Navy catches the light in oh so many ways. I walk into one room, they  look a distinctly inky navy color. Walk into the next room, a shimmery violet. Mood nails?
  • Siberian Nights has almost the same effect, yet it is not shimmery, but has more of a glossy finish. Depending on the light it looks either a light black, deep chocolate, or dark purple-brown (is that even a color?, who knew).
  • The jury is still out on You Don’t Know Jacques. In the bottle it looks a sidewalk, dark silver or iron color. I wonder what it will look like actually on my nails…hmmmm….


So I wanted to see what you guys think. Do you like these colors? What’s your fav nail polish? Brand? Color? etc.

Get to chatting.




2 thoughts on “Nails, nails, nails.

  1. O.P.I. IS a really great nail polish, although a bit overpriced. I’m usually wearing a dark red of theirs (I don’t remember the name, sorry!), but I have been DYING to find the perfect shade of plum for months now. O.P.I. had it, but I was feelin’ kinda poor at the time, and didn’t grab it and now I can’t find it (or anything that looks as good)! Oh, and a beauty supply store back home was going out of business and bottles were only $4.95! Sadly, they didn’t have any of the colors I wanted, lol. I’m so picky…haha! Anyhoo, nice job with the blog — keep up the good work!

  2. my friend has russian navy and i agree it looks totally different depending upon what type of light you are in. ive been wanting to try out siberian nights! thanks for the review!

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