Hello dahhhlings and welcome to my blog!

This is a new venture for me, but hopefully one that will prove both interesting and informative.

I want this to be a blog that you turn to, to help pass those ever-so-rare minutes of down time during the day when you’re relaxing and browsing the Internet, coffee in your well manicured hands.

I will be dedicating this blog to you, the fashionable, city girl in her twenties that is always up-to-date on the latest trends, the latest obsessions. To the girl who knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to express it through her spunky outfits and lifestyle. To the girl that is drop dead gorgeous, yet is profoundly cultured. To the well-rounded girl who fully acknowledges the art in shopping as well as in sports. To the girl that not only watches futbol (aka soccer) for the hawties, but actually UNDERSTANDS the rules of the game. To the well-traveled, independent, international girl who speaks more than one language.

This is for you my loves. I raise my champagne glass to you.

With a new year, comes many new things:

  1. A fabulous new wardrobe (pieced together by the incredibly slashed prices and sales after the holidays….hey, looking fabulous doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot ;] ). 
  2. A new body (the time-old resolution to get our bums to the gym after the excessive calorie intake over the holidays…AH!).
  3.  A new view on life.
  4.  Etc….

But a new year gives us the chance to start over again. Clean slate.

New year = new beginnings.

Here’s to a fabulous start.


5 thoughts on “Welcome/Bienvenido!

  1. thanks for dedicating your entire blog to me.
    you’re a true friend/chonga.

    ps, i started one of these today, too!
    you get to be the very first to see it!

  2. I believe that your current number four should be rewritten to:

    4. Being a year closer to permanency in Espana.

    And of course…

    5. Finding the “worth it” guys.

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